The Orchard

Tony has been an Orchardist for 30 years.  These pictures are of his orchard in 2011 when he had a bumper crop from his four acres of trees.  The apples are organic Ambrosia which is a relatively new variety and growing in popularity.

The photos below show the apples when they were still green through to the harvest.  Tony will gladly answer any questions you may have regarding his highly successful enterprise.


5 Responses to The Orchard

  1. pard hogeweide says:

    hi tony, just discovered your website, here, and have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your big adventure. good luck with things. ps raining here and up tour armpits in mosquitoes. cawston community plan process is so slow as to be in a total stall. pard

    • wadawson says:

      Pard, delighted that you are interested in the blog. It is my contribution to all who have and still do support me, you included. I recall years ago talking with you and Cheryl at your house after Cheryl’s difficult first experience volunteering at a clinic in the Caribbean. Thank you.
      I wonder occasionally about the state of the Trails Society and the Cawston Community Plan. Welcome hearing.


  2. Lilian Michael says:

    I like this Tony congratulation!

  3. Rod Todd says:

    Well done, Tony. Great work.

  4. FRANCIS MGAYA says:

    Hi Tony,you allways full of suprises,oh what can i say here,receive my heartfelt thanks for including me in your blog! i feel like i hold the hall world! Thank you very much.

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