The Worth

CUSO was formed in 1961 from the belief that international volunteers passing on their expertise help people contribute to their own communities. Volunteers come from both the developed and the developing nations and are placed solely at the request of their host country. They work with overseas groups on locally and nationally managed projects and this collaborative effort means benefits continue to be felt by local people long after volunteers have shared skills and returned home.

So is it worth it? Well, for what it is worth, you have to go to the fundraising site – see the Donate page – and you will realize that volunteering ain’t so cheap! But Tony feels that the effort is well worth the benefits to the farmers he will work with in Tanzania and of course he feels that the benefit to himself will far exceed whatever he can give: therefore his desire to give back.

Whenever one volunteers for an expedition such as this, one has to weigh all of the pros and cons. CUSO volunteers are often bright-eyed and bushy-tailed young things who hardly have time to turn around and wave as they bound onto the plane that will take them on an unforgettable journey. For Tony, who is solidly white-haired and has established himself in a community with friends and colleagues, a home and an orchard, he must plan and consider all the ramifications of his adventure. That being said he has decided to take the plunge and will step boldly into Africa knowing that his dear friends are behind him – pushing and pulling but always encouraging. My prediction is that he will find it well worth it!

And, of course, is the project worth all of this effort?  As has been stated in the first paragraph, CUSO was established in 1961 – over 50 years ago! They must be doing something right!

Tony thanks you for your support.  We hope you enjoy his adventure through this blog.

. . . . just a final note . . . . the observations of this blog are just that, observations – they are the sole responsibility of this observer, not those of CUSO-International.


5 Responses to The Worth

  1. Gordie Smith says:

    Hello cousin, I love your pics of your farm and orchards, I can not believe it’s taken this long for us to catch up with each other. I have to tell you this and that is you have always been my closest cousin and hero, and you still are. I am so thrilled for you and this wonderful and exciting new adventure of yours. I hope you are planning a book out of all this and your interesting life. I would like to buy the first copy and have you sign it “Adventurer”. Cheers! Cousin Gordeaux

  2. kris says:

    Hail Tony! As you leave for your adventure, I am loading up my van (that sometimes starts) for the drive to Mexico. Enjoy your adventure and wish me well on mine. Kris

  3. Linda Roberts says:

    Hi Tony: I am so excited for you, a little envious, and hugely impressed by the adventure you are undertaking! I know you will represent Canada so very well and will contribute much. Keep us all posted as your adventure unfolds.

    BTW – I have started my practicum at VanWest and taught my first lesson today. I was quite nervous, but it wasn’t a total disaster. Next time will be better. We miss you in the TESL class, but know you are doing something beyond “cool.” Best of luck and have fun!

    Linda Roberts

  4. says:

    Kirsten, Linda, Kris, Gordie – I’ve just managed to find you on this blog. I’m somewhat preoccupied. Many many thanks for your comments and support, know I value. XXXTony

  5. Linda Roberts says:

    Yes, I’ll bet you’re “somewhat preoccupied”! I hope you’re doing well and your big adventure is all that you’d hoped it would be. We missed you as the TESL course came to an end ten days ago. Jameilo and her family hosted us for a lovely dinner at her home and we celebrated our accomplishments. I managed to finish my practicum last Friday, so now I just have to finish the paperwork and have a final check-in with Dini. God bless, Tony, and have fun!


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