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The World Food Programme shut down the Arusha office in 2013.  All nationals in the office laid off.  No further assistance to school children and farmers.

Cheryl and Norm Filipenko, Canadian Harambee volunteers, denied an extension to their three month visa by the Kenyan government in 2014.

L’histoire de la coopération internationale…est un récif contre lequel d’innombrables projets se sont échoués.  


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4 Responses to Last Post

  1. garratt88 says:

    Hi Tony. It’s very sad news to hear about the food program, does this mean your work was in vain? Did you end up going back there? Where is your traveling taking you too and have you made plans for new challenges? I am taking the grand tour of Sicily for 5 weeks, currently in Marsala. Two weeks after Easter the dust will settle re: visitors and you’re welcome to come and check out Seattle.

  2. Barb Q says:

    Sorry to hear this positive program has lost it support. Tony we were sorry we didn’t connect when you were at Sylvia’s. Hoping it will work next time. Looking forward to seeing you and having a nice visit. Give us a call when you are coming over to the Similkameen again. Hugs Robert and Barb

  3. Timothy Jackson says:

    Hi Tony, I just tried calling your old home number, not working now…. where are you and how are you? I just got back from Africa again, and go again mid-september. Look forward to hearing from you. Cheers, Tim

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