A Man and his Dog

The thing about the Norwegian and the dog is both were elderly and sprightly.
The man was carrying say two shopping bags with
groceries and did not alter his pace when walking up steep
stairs and streets or crossing a long bridge or over the rail tracks from one side of Bergen to the other, up hill and down he had a fair walk.  He knew precisely where he could let his dog off the leash, where it would be safe and then never needed to
look back.  The black and white dog knew the route, knew the ropes and
how to behave, all in her own time.  As they were climbing the last
hill the man took the steps to the right but the dog headed left on a
shortcut.  I surmise this was home after a long walk because I turned
back toward town then.

I woke with this on my mind and I am up early (many years of farming)
and having coffee when the kitchen is not crowded and it is quiet in
the hall here at the hostel.  And what did you do in Bergen?  Why on my
bike I followed a man and his dog.  Well it seems to me a real thing to
do.  My dog knew her shortcut too and I felt this tug to be near.

Bergen actually has a few scruffy streets to my relief. The buildings are so attractive, blues, reds, mustards; flat surfaces with doors opening directly on to the streets I love so.

I went to see an Edvard Munch exhibit in Oslo and it was wonderful. He
is a good painter.  One can’t just focus on his most famous.  There are
many of his paintings I’d love on my walls but The Scream ain’t one of

I do not know how you hung in there on my blog.  I don’t enjoy the
medium and my eyes glaze over but I kept an account for myself and
only those interested of my time away.  Did you not find it boring?  I
don’t but it is my record and I am obviously trying to understand my

Thanks for your support once again,

Happy trails to you,


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8 Responses to A Man and his Dog

  1. Janet says:

    I enjoyed your blog. Thank you for sharing your adventures.


  2. Khati Hendry says:

    Hi Tony, I don’t know if this is going to you or some larger blog-o-sphere. I have been following your postings and enjoying them very much. I appreciate your insights and perspectives, and what you choose to write about. Thank you for taking the time and sharing so much. Whenever you make it back to the Okanagan, it will be wonderful to see you again. In the meantime, happy trails and may your curiosity and openness guide you well.



  3. Susan says:

    To the blogosphere….it has been a wonderful blog, both for what you chose to write and how you wrote it, Tony. Thanks for sharing your adventures, right down to the old man and his dog.

  4. bobparkhurst says:

    Hi Tony – Gee for me your blog was the computer highlight of the past year. I found your comments full of thoughtfulness + insight – never boring + educational. I saw an Edvard Munch exhibit at VAG, several years ago + do have a small copy of “The Scream” on my wall. Thanks again for the time + effort on the blog.

    • Tony says:

      Hi Bob, I just noticed this comment; thank you very much. I spent 5 hours recently reading through this record because Frida in the Food Programme office in Arusha wrote saying “…you did turn things up…and for your age you deserve credit…” (!) So I read through and do see I did my job as field assistant to the World Food Programme.

      As for Edvard Munch, I’d like a postcard size copy of ‘The Scream’ because it is monumental but I’d prefer one of his other painting on my living room wall.
      I like that you have pinned up the wonderful Maplethorpe card along side…


  5. loumdel says:

    Your blog has taken me through many seasons of time and life and has brought back many memories of travel. It has been great to hear of your insights into many issues, sights, sounds and people…can’t wait to sit and enjoy you “en personne”…happy travels and continue enjoying the adventure that is before you. Thanks for sharing…

  6. Isack says:

    Hello Tony! I hope you fine. We are all doing fine to. Kindli l would like to inform you tha Godwin have finished std 7 and i have gone to sec. Shool at Ilkidinga and geta chance for him.the herd master is Omari A. Nyangu p.box 3191 Arusha and Betreace will complete std 7 next year 2015. Greeting to you familly and all your frind. Pleace welcome! Kind Regards Isack John Silas

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