Isaac Omongo teaches at the Kakamega School for the Deaf.     P1000810P1000795Harambee has recently awarded a scholarship to one of his students who, at age 21, graduated from primary school in December 2012.  Isaac is delighted with our choice, thinks we picked the right student, is sure she will do well in high school, will not disappoint.   She is  older but kids who can’t hear or are blind or otherwise different are often shelved at home, put on the back burner until discovered and sent to school, should they be so fortunate.  Even if the walls of the classrooms are barren, the kids, no longer isolated, learn to sign in English and therefore talk, laugh, learn and play with others.  And they are blessed with a teacher such as Isaac; he is kind.  He got to university in part because of his soccer skills and went to Nairobi for a further two years special education.  He learned sign language and returned to his home town to teach at this school.  It is a boarding school and he must spend some of his weekends in school caring for the 55 students.  Neither his school nor his salary permitted the purchase of an extra hand ball so you can see the value of the donor dollar, and, because of it, this Saturday afternoon you see the hand ball game he refereed  between the girls and the boys even though the two teams are actually mixed.P1000808 P1000925 P1000924 P1000902 P1000799 P1000845 P1000842 P1000838 P1000925 P1000848 P1000930 P1000910 P1000801P1000951P1000840P1000827P1000796P1000815P1000833

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3 Responses to Isaac

  1. Russel Virginia says:

    Wonderful!!! Wonderful !!!! Thank you for relating Isaac’s accomplishments!!! WOW

  2. garratt88 says:

    Hey Tony, those pictures are worth a thousand words, it’s always a pleasure to see happy kids. Your saying “Goodbye” means what?
    Keep up the good work.

    • wadawson says:

      Well, it means my ‘Mother Theresa’ days are numbered Garratt! It means I’m unemployed, retired, a wanderer, traveler, tourist. Time to see an elephant? Explore a mountain? Continue my attempt to speak French? Off to Rwanda and to France…
      I’ve appreciated your following this Big Adventure Garratt, I think you know.

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