I am still in Kakamega, Kenya. I would add an entry or two more to the
blog but  want for some photos; I gave my camera to a teacher/farmer
in Tanzania and must rely on others to give me their pictures.  David
is coming over on the 21st and perhaps I can put a few more on the
blog before we leave here.

Yesterday saw 70 girls off to boarding school with scholarships,
mostly from Canadian donors.  I have no more to contribute here but I
am staying on till about the 25th.  Yesterday I went in over crowded mini-vans to a small town, Busia, with Joel, the day watchman, and his daughter, Eglay, to get her fitted for leg braces and crutches.  She had been able to walk
until a traditional healer manipulated a growth on her back.  Joel
opted for this treatment, possibly because of a lack of money.  I think
someone is paying for a boarding school for Eglay where she receives
assistance with her disability – she is perfectly able ‘cept she can’t
walk.  I covered the crutches etc.; the working poor.

The opportunity to go for the day with Joel is the sort I value
here but I’m soon to become a wanderer, traveler, tourist and I’m
nervous of this. We’ll see how I fare.

I went for a walk in the forest here one late afternoon and I saw some
Colobus monkeys.  Big, black and white.  I tried again on a longer walk
on Sunday last but no further sightings.

So, as I am moving  into full tourist status I’d favour seeing an
elephant.  I’d like to think I  might go up Mt. Elgon.  I’d like to try
my hand at French in Rwanda.

Here’s to your fast approaching Spring,

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2 Responses to

  1. Joy Ruffeski says:

    Tony, We would love to use some of your blog for our spring CHES newsletter. Is it possible to get permission to use Beverlyne’s or Christine’s story as I know those things are of real interest to the sponsors. Thanks. Joy

  2. wadawson says:

    Joy, I received Beverlyne’s permission to post her interview on the blog and so it is fine to use it. Christine’s autobiography does not reveal who this young woman actually is and therefore I think it acceptable as well. I try to be careful about this out of respect. I have another short post similar to Berverlyne’s but I am missing her photo. I’ll write it up and publish it as well. (I have Beatrice’s permission. I interviewed her at the same time as Beverlyne. Norm has Beatrice’s photo.)

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