Christine’s Autobiography

Autobiography   26/2/2013                        [With permission.]

I am Christine, a pupil from Primary School. I was born in Kenya.  I was born the year 1997 in the month of June.  I knew nothing concerning my growth until I became older a bit.  I realised that a very young child can then be transformed into an adult in future.  There I learnt that we have a great development in human-beings life.

Our house is a grass thatched one.  It is a temporary house.  Temporary means made out of something that can be easily destroyed or blown by wind.

Our house was built using a grass roof and some timbers to support it.  Then the floor was made just with soil.  To make it look beautiful I had to use cowdung.  Although it makes me dirty, I had to persevere the situation only to do the best of my ability to change that kind of life.  So brothers, parents and I had to keep on smearing cowdung on the floor to prevent destructive organisms that spread diseases to people.

Despite the fact that we undergo various suffering, we search for food and what God blesses us with is forced to be sufficient for the day.  Thereafter, we light the matchsticks and make fire with the use of firewood for fuel, we go deep into the nearest forest and search them in whatever the way.  Not minding the dangerous beasts that appear on our residence, we had to avoid and go on with task.  Unfortunately, we only get firewood that is enough for the day.  So we had to collect them each and every day.

During supper we eat the staple food for Lugyas: ugali with any available vegetable.  Sometimes if fortunate is not on our side, we only drink porridge.  Moreover, we somehow sleep hungry if we do not get anything to grab.

We get water from a borehole.  We had to draw it, pour it in either buckets or jerri cans and then carry it towards our home.  I am one of the brothers and sisters who had to carry the water.

Other responsibilities that I do at home is washing utensils, washing clothes and others like being sent anywhere by my dear parents.

I have three brothers and four sisters.  The ages of brothers are 24, 13, 11 whereas that of my sisters are 19,17,12 and 8.  One brother and one sister completed the standard eight level but unluckily, they did not get school fees to make them continue schooling.   All others are still in Primary school.

My family speaks two languages.  That is Luhya:Kitura and the national language which is Kiswahili,

I attended Primary School.  My favourite subject was English.  I used to participate in football game.

In number we were fifty seven (57) students in my class.  We used to share a desk.  I started schooling in the year 2003.  I got holidays when we had closed schools.  My class used to start at 7:00 am.

At school I did not even have to eat lunch.  Instead I just starved and stayed hungry only to stare at my fellow pupils who used to eat lunch.  Other times teachers had mercy on me and give me lunch.  It was a mixture of beans and maize which became monotonous to me.

In  future I hope to study abroad and become a famous skilled doctor.  That is the dream I am having and if I will be successful, I will make sure that I support needy families forever.

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3 Responses to Christine’s Autobiography

  1. bobparkhurst says:

    Thanks for posting this Tony – really puts things into perspective for me.

  2. Susan says:

    Really very moving. What a kid!

  3. loumdel says:

    Thanks, needed to be “re-grounded”, how courageous kids of the world are!

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