Weekly menu

Friends’  Kaimosi Girls’ School

Weekly Menu     [If there were fish on the menu it would come from Lake Victoria and is sold dried on the tacked together road side stands along the way to town. But that’s just it
and why I put the menu on display. It is actually more and varied than
many of the girls we are interviewing likely have seen in their lives,
at least what I gather. So it’s sort of poverty stricken stodge to us
and luxury to others. There is beef there twice and I understand that
beans and rice fairly balance.
I like beans and rice and greens; the greens are sort of chop up weeds but green!]


Tea Break




Milk Tea & Bread

Strong Tea (with sugar)


(beans and kernal corn)

Ugali & Sakuma

(corn ‘pablum’ and green chop ‘spinach’)


Milk Tea

(no bread)


Wimbi Porridge (wheat, sugar)

Githeri & Pineapple

Beef Ugali & Sukuma


Rice & Beans 


Milk Tea & Bread




Milk Tea

Ugali & Sakuma


Wimbi Porridge

Rice & Beans



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2 Responses to Weekly menu

  1. Ted says:

    kids there are eating healthier than in North America…we can learn from this

    • wadawson says:

      The diet must be nutritious enough as the girls look healthy. Most of us would balk at a somewhat bland and repetitive diet but we’ve a vast selection of fast foods to choose from – most of us. These girls are eating three times a day which is not the case for most here I understand so they likely couldn’t even imagine complaining. But they did love their treat of orange soda we bought at the canteen! Soda and white bread was their treat.

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