Kaimosi Girls’ School

I’ve always liked swallows, the way their wings fold fragilely (sp)
over their shoulders, like capes.  There are swallows who come to the clothes
line on my back steps; they have mottled breasts, green heads and vee
tails and they are building their comfy mud nests.  Their calls are
true little peeps.  I’ve got Joel, the watchman to agree to leave the
nests saying I would clean up after and hope I am still here to do so.
I actually looked them up in a book here but as invariably happens to
me, I don’t see a match and anyway this doesn’t really interest.

I’m content here; I have a spacious house where I can roam.  We’ve had an extremely
busy week with long days filled with interviews and assessments.  We
really have to ferret out the truth, such is the pressure to land a
seat in a grade nine class (can we even imagine?).  The girls are gems
and I go to bed at 8 pm for the effort.  It takes guts to
live here; they must be so stoic and brave and they just don’t plain
have any choice.

Cheryl and Norm are gems too because they get it and they do it.  I
coined this:  Make the difference.  Be the difference.  They are; they
do.  Give me any day these targeted dollars over CUSOVSOWFPUN.

I’m off this morning to an open house at Kaimosi Girls’ School where I
meet the two students I sponsor.  After an intense week it is the last I want to do but I am.  It’ll be an adventure, getting on the overcrowded matatu (converted Nissan trucks) and surviving.  I’m to take some fruit along with me for the girls. Bananas, oranges, mangoes.

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One Response to Kaimosi Girls’ School

  1. Timothy Jackson says:

    Hey Tony, glad your having an ‘experience’ 🙂 When are you coming home?

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