It’s Father again…Father Christmas

A letter to my sponsor, [with permission]         November 11th, 2012

Dear Father,

Receive much greetings from your loving daughter Ann.  I hope you are as fine as I am.  It is indeed a gracious moment that I need to thank you very much.  If you were not the one I couldn’t be something or somebody in this world.  Thank you and may the good lord place so abundantly.

Father, I have so experienced a lot for the four years that I have been to school.  The experience includes physical, mental and biological.  I have been taking eight subjects from which I had one technical ‘Agriculture’.  I like this subject that I am trying to put into practice in order to keep away the famine.  I have planted many local vegetables and some potatoes.  I have also learned a lot of experience of how to deal with other students.  No one can replace the abundant support that you have offered to me.  I am so proud of you and how I wish that my results can be good so that we can rejoice together with my parents.  Thank you and may the creator bless you abundantly.

[The Pitch]
Father, I would wish to have a course dealing with my technical subject.  I have a passion for the subject oh my Father.  I enjoy the subject and I like it.  The courses I wish to take include:

                             Agricultural extension an education
                             Agricultural procurement and education
                             Agriculture education

You are indeed my role model and I am yearning to emulate you.  How good you are to my family?  Life at school has been so good that I can not afford to explain all of it.  I have socialised with different languages.  May the good lord bless you.  May he give you long life so that you can see the fruit of your sacrifice.  I am indeed proud that I can’t explain.

Yours sincerely daughter,
Mukumu girls school

Bye Father

What to do after high school in a region with high unemployment… further studies.    I met her yesterday.  A picture in a shiny blue satin dress with pink plastic shoes and hair a long braided attachment.  She was both poised and giggly.  We went off for lunch around the corner on the main road leading to town.  I had lentils with a potato and green chop and a cup of tea and Ann had an orange soda and chapatis.

She, along with the other Form 4 graduates, is waiting for the final marks to be published, likely not until March.  She confidently estimates a B average which may or may not qualify her for a government scholarship to college, however this confidence belies her grades from the previous two semesters: D+ and C.

She had a lot of fun through four years of boarding school and had close friends and good laughs.  Appears light hearted.  This is worth a lot.

When I asked Ann what job she envisioned she said ‘agricultural extension’. I don’t think she actually wants to work a farm. I mentioned in Tanzania it seemed with either the lack of funds or the misappropriation of them, extension workers sat in their offices.

‘Would this suit you? Be alright with you Ann?’                                                                               ‘Yes’.                                                                                                                                                            Not good enough.

We agreed to meet again.  I was hoping to see how her final grades turn out.  She’ll take me to see her school, possibly her home.

When we got back to the Harambee Centre my other sponsored student, Anne, was waiting to meet me….

This is fun. We never expected to meet.

PS  It rained hard late afternoon for about an hour.  The gutters were rushing and the cisterns filled up rapidly.  It has been hot and the land felt a bit thirsty in the afternoon heat.  Kind of glorious standing in my doorway looking out.  Good smell.  Like a fresh snowfall.

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