Volunteer Report on Partner Organization


Final Review – Volunteer Report

To be completed by the volunteer as part of the final review.  Please send to the concerned Programme Manager in VSO

How satisfied are you with the employer and VSO?

Very   satisfied Fairly satisfied Fairly dissatisfied Very dissatisfied
(a) The employer X
(b) VSO X
Comments on satisfaction outcomes:The World Food Programme: I was given lots of unhurried time to work on projects fed me by my co-ordinator. I had asked for this time in my application. I liked following up on leads and seeing results. I liked my colleagues; they were helpful, supportive, kind. I liked working with the farmers. My translators, the drivers, made my time in the field productive, interesting and pleasant. I’m not sure of my contribution; I will rely on others to reckon. I would not have missed this opportunity.With that part that of this experience that troubles I could see no exit, no change but I have tried to fulfill my volunteer placement in good faith. I disliked going to the office.  The  reins of the United Nations were restrictive to one who has worked for himself most of his life.  The talented national staff are undervalued and underutilized. If they are silent, either I am wrong about this or they fear for their secure jobs. The nationals are more than capable policy makers though efficient administrators are all they are allowed to be.Surely bureaucracy is here to support and guide, not to dictate.  I would have liked to have been trusted. I am not an employee of the United Nations’ World Food Programme, I am a volunteer.

Voluntary Service Overseas:  I have had next to no contact these last 10 months.       


What have you gained personally from your experience as a volunteer?I now have some working understanding of the complications of international relations.
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