Employer’s Report on Tony’s Big Adventure

I have worked as a volunteer with the World Food Programme since March  yet I was asked by my employer to fill out the following  Employer’s Report myself; he would  then review and initial.  Is this how a reference is now written, by the employee?   Micro-managing is indeed time consuming.

I refused.



Final Review – Employers Report

To be completed by the employer as part of the final review – please share this with the volunteer as part a line management meeting. Please send to the concerned Programme Manager in VSO

Employer: Volunteer name:
Line Managers Name: Job ref:
Volunteer start of service date: Volunteer end of service date:

 How satisfied are you with the volunteer and VSO?

Very   satisfied Fairly satisfied Fairly dissatisfied Very dissatisfied
(a) The volunteer
(b) VSO
Comments on satisfaction Outcomes
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