From Bob some final words…

I sure like the photos posted on your blog “Isack’s Home” – this explains why you don’t think of Tanzanians as poor – your warmth and comfort with your ‘comrades’ and their families is clear, as is the mutual respect and your obvious happiness with this aspect of your time there – more like Dervla Murphy!

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4 Responses to From Bob some final words…

  1. Ted and Bob says:

    Hi Tony,

    Not sure when you head back to Penticton; but know its coming up after Xmas. Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.. You have had a wonderful experience helping others to help themselves and I admire you so much for sticking with it and getting to know the “real people” behind the faces.

    We are going to be down in Palm Springs until March and then head home. With the latest violence here at this school near New York we are reconsidering any further trip down to the US. The culture down here is awful, they have guns and war in all their history and their attitude towards life in general is very negative.

    Stay in touch my good friend and let us know when you return to Canada.


    Ted and Bob

    • William Anthony Dawson says:

      Travel well Bob and Ted. Thank you for your support. I will likely still be overseas in March but my goal at the moment is to finish my CUSO obligations honourable. About one more week of office, to the end of December and thei=n my time should be my own with holiday due. Time to explore sans the support of that white UN jeep!


  2. Susan says:

    Tony, enjoy the next part of your adventure. Your observations and insights have been so thoughtful. I’m sure you learned a lot. You did CUSO and the Tanzanians you worked with proud.

    Have a safe trip around and then home.


  3. Bob Jickling says:

    Dear Tony,

    Wendy and I have followed along, reading many and maybe most of your posts. We, too, have been busy retiring, getting organized back home in Whitehorse, and getting involved with some post retirement projects. Having spent some time in Africa ourselves, I knew it would be interesting to talk with you sometime; I hope we can someday. I haven’t been drawn to the blog format, but your “last post” did catch my eye. Now, it seems to have gone. I’d love to pick up some correspondence through email, as an alternative format, but don’t seem to have your address. You can reach me at . Alternatively, you will eventually get a Christmas card from us. I just making it now.

    With warm wishes,

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