Good Governance

FThe  smiling fellow in the striped shirt farms one acre of maize and vegetables. He also has ‘zero graze’ cattle which means he brings fodder to his cows in a pen. No land for free range. I noted we both wrote left handed and ate our lunch with our left hands as well.

The gracious lady in red has three acres. She wondered who I would leave my land to as I had no children. I asked her if she had only one daughter would she leave her land to her daughter. Yes.


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Faida Mali Good Governance Seminar Kwares and Jitegemee SACCOs November 26-29, 2012

Masasa Makwassa of Faida Mali conducted two two day workshops with Kwares and Jitegemee SACCOS.

  • Masasa made sure to involve both the Purchase for Progress Focal persons and the co-operative officers in these sessions. They instructed as well as Masasa
  • These workshops were for the board members of each SACCOs
  • There was full and active participation on the part of all
  • At the start of Day 1 each person was asked to write down (anonymously) what their contribution was to the management of their co-operative and this was a superb lead in to an exploration of the roles and responsibilities of board members charged with  running a business
  • On Day 2 the real audited figures of each SACCOs were analysed to see just how well management was doing in relation to accepted standard business practices
  • Each SACCOs could readily see their successes and where their weakness were evident they asked for further training

WA Dawson December 4th, 2012

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2 Responses to Good Governance

  1. Karen Timoshuk says:

    Hi Tony, I’m finally catching up with your blogs and you write beautifully! We work with SACCOs in Uganda and Ghana and it’s wonderful to see you connected with them in Tanzania. Please let me know if this was part of your program or if you hunted out SACCOs yourself to work with. I was just in Uganda and wrote a couple or three blogs while there as well. WordPress if you’re interested.

    After all I’ve seen and heard of the Christmas hype and the massacre at the Connecticut school yesterday, I’m not sure which continent is more broken, North America or Africa. At least Africa’s problems seem more real, for lack of a better word.

    Be that as it may, all the best and a very holiday season to you.

    • wadawson says:

      Karen, the SACCOs are a part of the programme here. The World Food Programme works with eight in my area of the country. The attempt is to assist small farmers to work together to produce quality maize and to sell collectively into new, profitable markets with the World Food Programme being one of those markets. However, as prices have been high here, many farmers are enticed away from their formal contract with the World Food Programme by traders offering higher returns for ungraded maize sold from the farm gate.

      I will look up your WordPress Blog now – trust I can locate it by typing “karen timoshuk + wordpress”.


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