Annual Volunteer Conference INVITATION

Dodoma, 6 & 7 December 2012   New Dodoma Hotel

Dealing with Change

The environment in the Non-Government Organization world is changing. The financial crisis has absorbed donor money. Governments are cutting their spending on development. At the same time the electoral public has become more critical.  They want to see value for money. They also want to see concrete results that show a clear impact. NGOs are therefore forced to place more emphasis on developing best practices and Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) systems. They also need to find (new) ways to obtain funding, which implies that the role and autonomy of the volunteer will be affected. This conference will address how we can combine funding requirements while at the same time keeping a certain level of autonomy and flexibility for volunteers to innovate.

I was supposed to go to Dodoma, the capital of Tanzania, in the middle of the country, to spend the year but just before before leaving The Food Programme switched me to Arusha.  So I look forward to seeing Dodoma and also the other  volunteers, some  I started with last February.  Jane and Dan from Ottawa, Krista from Holland, Christopher from Uganda, Peter from Kenya…the conference is two days and I will stay on over the weekend to visit. There is a Food Programme volunteer I’d like to talk to, he was with the Peace Corps for two years and now with “WFP”. He speaks Kiswhalili. He is my counter part in Dodoma.

Post Script: This just in Dec 1st– Although we have booked and reserved enough rooms at New Dodoma Hotel on time, the Tanzanian government has suddenly confiscated most of them…

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2 Responses to Annual Volunteer Conference INVITATION

  1. Susan says:

    It should be really fun comparing notes with other volunteers, Tony, and old “friends”. It’s good you will be staying a few days in Dodoma.

  2. wadawson says:

    Yes, and it is time too, time to step away, compare notes, visit…nice opportunity and I’m pleased with my decision.

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