Off the back of a tee-shirt: Timothy 4

I have competed well
I have finished the race
I have kept the faith

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3 Responses to Off the back of a tee-shirt: Timothy 4

  1. bobparkhurst says:

    Even some parts of the Bible make sense when taken out of context Tony! As for the rest of Paul’s letters I really don’t know. In viewing your beautiful photographs, both the beauty + the impoverishment helps give me a sense of why people in these circumstances rely on “religious” faith to get by – but then most of us need faith in something to get by. Perhaps you should come home wearing such a tee-shirt yourself!

  2. says:

    I’ve worn this tee shirt inside me down all these years, I just didn’t know the words.

    I have never put the words Tanzania and poor together. Perhaps I’m blinded by those who sport such tee shirts.

    Continue to be the fine person you are Bob.[bobparkhurst]


  3. Susan says:

    Beautiful pictures, Tony. People and landscapes both. How exciting that you may do something else afterwards. I love getting your weekly blog.


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