The end of something…

What happens when the Food Programme retires some of its commitments?  Will the government be there to continue support?   Will communities become more  involved?  It is hoped.

Education is a component of  the Food Programme.  I’ve come from five days in country observing farmers’ groups receive training on budgets and projections for next year’s crop.  I could tell the seminars were productive as there was active participation by all.  The World Food Programme does have money to actually work on projects though it takes an army of nationals.  Still, if you are hungry student or in South Sudan it must be wonderful to be on the receiving end.  Post Food Programme, money will be a factor.  Solid government backing for agricultural extension would help and schools could use books.

I value my time here though I chafe at the bureaucracy and struggle with having to account for my every move much longer.  I would have liked to have been be trusted more and to have been freer and more productive, still I do understand it is the nature of the beast.  There are  lots capable nationals here who may well feel the same were they ever to be asked.  The value I’ve been I’ll leave to others to decide.

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