A whiter shade of pale…

Terito on the right took most of these photos. The World Food Programme supplies a corn-soyabean breakfast porridge and this maize and beans lunch.  You see what the kids eat, where they eat, the cook in her kitchen and the classrooms.

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3 Responses to A whiter shade of pale…

  1. Ted and Bob says:

    What a wonderful happy bunch of kids….eager to learn and improve their lives. Continued good luck to all of them.

  2. wadawson says:

    I think they need more than luck. I found the classrooms empty of anything but these eager kids.

  3. Russel Virginia says:

    I think it is the lovely lady with the yellow shirt & blue sleeveless shirt on top – she is standing with another friend much shorter than herself! – enjoyed these photos of your life over there – you & they are richer for it!!!!!!!
    g xox

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