Yesterday afternoon after work I took a motorbike taxi.  First we decided on a price then the deal was I would get to wear the helmet and we would go slowly so I would not go to the hospital but rather to my destination, Arusha College.  I also asked to go slowly because I wanted to return to Canada.  Edwin obliged my whims and Kiswahili humour and even helped me with the chin strap.

Seeing Isack, Moses and Elias at their class was a joy and I wanted to be away on my own to walk over it.  I’m seldom out at dusk away from my neighbourhood and I felt a contented part of Arusha on the move.  A  street load of people and traffic all headed in the same direction – home.  I loved feeling just a little bit a part of this.  It was Friday and the 12 hour work-day ending.  As there is so much movement at this time I felt safe and to the extent I can feel this here, at home.

I was in a part of the market today I’d not been in and felt content there too and learned that what I buy one of here near my home I can buy three of there for the same 500 shillings.  3 eggplants for 30 cents.  I bought tea leaves grown here in Tanzania and the man added a pinch of powdered ginger.  Youngsters sell plastic bags.  A nation of entrepreneurs I tell you.

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2 Responses to Taxi

  1. Robin Suchy says:

    Nice Tony!
    I like motor bikes and as long as we go slowly they are not too dangerous!
    Thinking of you cheers Robin

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