Leek and Potato Soup





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3 Responses to Leek and Potato Soup

  1. Ted and Bob says:

    What a wonderful career choice these boys are getting into. Its a portable job that could take them anywhere they want and further more they look like they are enjoying the course. Wonderful pics Tony.

  2. loumdel says:

    Nice for you to have ventured onto campus to see where they study and are learning their craft. What an opportunity! Must feel nice to see them taking it all in…:) I can just see you on the back of the motorcycle fearing for your life – maybe you have found yourself a good private taxi to the newly discovered market…sounds like some great new adventures – be safe.

  3. wadawson says:

    Actually I was grinning, having a good time. It is lethal out there but Edwin was true to his word and you see I’m back! Edwin did give me his cell number.
    It was very moving to see Isack…

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