Orange Cosmos

On an early Sunday morning in Arusha I am eating an avocado and a banana grown here, drinking coffee advertised as ‘Zanzibar Mocca’ and listening to BBC news and a Beethoven piano sonata from this summer’s Aspen Music Festival as heard on Public COWBOY radio from Wyoming!

There is a mountain on the edge of town – Mt. Meru – I haven’t a desire to walk up it. I walk around town doing this ‘n that. No one in the office can feature this wanting to walk.
Most Afrikans walk because this is what they’ve got, two legs, no bike or car and little $ for a motorcycle ride or mini-bus. The seven or so French teachers I study with do not have cars.
People walk everywhere and most are slim and trim. There is not a lot of opportunity to over eat. When studying in French about French culture it seems rather precious to learn the words ‘appéritif’,’hors d’oeuvres’, ‘grinotages’ (did you get that one Tristan?!),’digestif’, ‘casse-croûte’. A square meal is the menu.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone Everywhere

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