“The first step in blogging is not writing them but reading them.”

Here is a story.

We were called, no, summoned to a staff meeting, no reason given and were talked at by some woman from Nepal who works for the Food Programme. It was about publicity needed to fund raise. We saw a
video of an Everest climb by 9 young Nepalese women. They had WFP emblazoned on their parkas. Inexperienced and hauled up EVEREST! in the name of ‘women’s empowerment’.  Smoke was coming out my ears. I said this was precisely what my friends do not want to donate to. Silence. Every national in the room said naught a word. No further discussion. There wasn’t supposed to be any discussion.

Here is what I am doing.

I bought two bikes – very very helpful to people.
I have three men starting on Monday at Arusha College of Tourism. Took some planning. They have to take the short courses offered after regular classroom hours because they have not been to high school and cannot enroll in the two year diploma courses. This short programme offers them a special opportunity. They are taking 40 hours of Food Production, 40 of Bakery and Pastry and 20 of Food and Beverage. This will be over the next five months at two hours a day five days a week. Beautiful, well equipped college started by Germans and co-operated with the national government. Every student I talked to there was beaming.

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4 Responses to “The first step in blogging is not writing them but reading them.”

  1. Russel Virginia says:

    See, you ARE making a DIFFERENCE!!!!!
    G xox

  2. Russel Virginia says:

    October 1st tomorrow! It is raining for the first time all summer(at least it feels like that). Leaves are edging towards the height of their colour, the ground smells – wonderful, as leaves decay, we are eating squash, beets, swiss chard, tomatoes from the garden, we haven’t had a hard frost yet – close but not heavy, still playing tennis outside – love it! B & I finished the outside siding on the new expansion so we can take back the 2 levels of scaffolding(he was on the roof & I was on the ground cutting with the chop-saw). Joanna is with us from Calgary & she cooks gluten-free & dairy-free & I am slowly learning new recipes. Forest loves the cooler weather & goes crazy in the woods on Rigaud Mtn, cottage still open, we’ll spend a few days cutting wood & trimming the trees along side the road before closing in late Oct., then it can snow!!!! We are watching Eat, Pray, Love while listening to the rain on the tin roof – beautiful! Geothermal heat is enjoyable – soft & subtle just this fall day! 17degrees celsius.
    Glad you have books – am reading Dessert Queen – a must read!
    G xo

  3. wadawson says:

    How lovely and helpful to get a letter about the fall. And yes, I think this a wonderful opportunity for these fellows to be going off to school and I look forward to seeing how they do. Hay Ginny xxt

  4. Susan says:

    That’s great!

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