The weather is heating up here so it is difficult to picture my favourite season at home. Flowers are out on the trees again and some cosmos seeds I planted in a bag a couple of months back
are starting to flower.

I am all right here. I try not to count the days. I note October, my favourite month, starts tomorrow. If I get or take a holiday then I have three working months more. I should like to visit Rwanda afterward. It is all right here and I would not trade this experience but nor do I want to continue past my due date. The penny dropped yesterday: there was a large conference on the future of agriculture in Tanzania, a huge topic and I realized no one from the office was invited. From this I learn that we in the Food Programme  in Arusha are here to carry out policy formulated elsewhere.

I located a half dozen novels in the “African Writers Series” in the library yesterday so I am set for the rest of my stay. Delighted with my find as these books help me to better understand. I went to the library to study a bit of Kiswhaili. It is quiet there. Not a word from any of the students studying and every chair is taken. I like it there and it gives me a Saturday morning walk. I of course have my favourite places to eat as well. Beer too.

I’ve also launched into a French course as of last week. That the seven or so other students are Tanzanian is deluxe. Mostly primary or elementary school teachers.

So I am busy…as you are busy there in the Canadian Fall.

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3 Responses to Autumn

  1. Ted and Bob says:

    Sounds like your doing a wonderful job over there Tony and they will miss you when you leave. What a wonderful experience and wish more of us would “just do it” and see how the rest of the world revolves instead of staying at home and complaining. Of course on the BC front the upcoming May election is taking front and centre and it will be an interesting time next year. We wish you well for the future months and we leave for Palm Springs at the end of this month. Will stay in touch and think of you often.
    Ted and Bob

  2. Susan says:

    I love that you are very involved with different things besides work. It’s so cool that the library is filled with people studying and not making noise. I find it quite moving in a funny way as people at my library are lined up to use the computers. I don’t know how much they are learning. I so wish those people at your library well. We take so much for granted here.

    We’ve had no rain for weeks but it does not seem to have afffected crops. As far as I’m concerned, it is wonderful. The trees will start changing colour later this month.

    What you do has been valuable and what you’ve experienced even more so, maybe. You will look back with pride, I’m sure.

  3. loumdel says:

    I breath in the crispness in the air as I clang the pots and pans at boo boo who has returned to eat the cores of apples from the compost..ah the beauty of Fall….nice to hear that the beauty of the cosmos are there to cheer you up – mine have finally faded after a glorious summer run. I hope that your courses will fill you with images of conversations with villagers in town, in far off vineyards or by fireside with friends…prend soin.

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