‘Address their hearts’ – Mandela

Four out of five grower groups have agreed to each sell sixty metric tonnes (two truck loads of 600 50Kgs. bags) of quality contracted maize to the World Food Programme. The fifth group has opted not to sell and according to the contract this is their perogative. I do not know their reasons for their decision because my question was not answered.

” Mr………., I am texting you as a farmer, a donor and a Canadian tax payer and not as a volunteer with CUSO VSO WFP. These organizations are not accountable for my opinion: your farmers’ group has acted in bad faith. Every /= $ poured into this contract is donated and far exceeds the value of the corn. Honouring the intent of the contract would not have been a burden. This “Gift of Canada” maize was to feed Tanzanians and fellow Afrikans suffering on your borderline. Yes, the Food programme failed you with a confused explanation of the Forward Contract but still the final offer of 627/= shillings per kilogram is not exploitive, it is a generous reflexion of the current market price and offered farmers an opportunity to earn, to learn and to give back, to give unto others…”

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2 Responses to ‘Address their hearts’ – Mandela

  1. Susan says:

    To whom will the opted-out farmer sell his maize, do you think?

  2. wadawson says:

    This season there appear to be many other markets that are paying well. There is a smaller crop this year (not a lot of rain) and the govt. has opened its borders and maize is going to Kenya and the like at a good price. Also, some growers have not sold on contract or through formal channels, rather to traders or middlemen who come to the farm gate to purchase ungraded product. It may take a while to become familiar with a more structured and demanding market, one such as the World Food Programme. There is more paperwork in order to track and truck and this transparency takes time to learn and to transact and it to pay the growers as well.
    This recent trip was made to help with this transaction from grower warehouse to the Food Programme warehouse here in Arusha. I think payment will be timely because we have assisted and we have supplied the trucks and we have paid the transport levy.

    Orange cosmos Susan. I have a couple of buds now. It is getting hotter here and I caught some of these plants wilting. They are in bags similar to most of the plants sold in the nurseries on the roadside. In this heat they will need more water.

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