We stopped at two schools receiving breakfast and lunch courtesy of the Food Programme. They are in the same area as two of the Farmers’ Groups selling maize to the Food Programme. I am told many children attend school because of the food otherwise they’d likely be assisting their parents in the field, often tending grazing animals or fetching water and firewood.

The kids are healthy and lively. The classrooms are somber, dirty and empty but for desks and a blackboard. On the board a few sums and some English grammar. Learning is likely by rote for there are no books, few students have pens, naught on the walls that wasn’t long there and in tatters. Pretty spiffy uniforms though. The kids are still sharp and funny and interested and they can play soccer with homemade ball and draw out hopscotch with a stick in the dirt. To their delight I tried the hopscotch.

They knew just how simple to keep the language for me. One young fellow was delighted to know wheat was grown in Canada too.

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