From the jeep Hanga caught my feeling on slipping out before having to shake hands on a distasteful deal for the honouring  of a contract to ship sixty metric tonnes of maize.  The manager of this c0-0p had thrice prevented us from meeting growers to discuss the terms.  We suspect the growers will be paid much much less than the contracted price.  Dilemma: The goal is to both assist small hold farmers to sell into profitable markets and to deliver maize needed for World Food Programme  commitments.  Both goals can be fulfilled but it takes honesty.  If  this programme is to continue maize must be delivered.  The tonnage from this organization may well be supplied by a couple of larger producers.

The contract was explained line by line and we brought back the delivery dates and the selling price from each of the five Farmers’ Organizations though not quite as requested. Somehow in translation the finer points of addendum and price negotiation went missing. Another field trip will follow to finalize the final price on offer.     

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  1. Russel Virginia says:

    Another great chapter to your “book”, Tony!
    G xox

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