Milk and Honey

8th September

As I was entering the Milk and Honey café today there was a youngster standing at the door and I asked him if he would like something to eat.  After ordering my usual mashed potatoes I got up to wash my hands at the sink in the corner, something everyone does one way or the other especially those who eat with their right hand (sink, hot water bucket or at the table itself when presented with a basin and a dribble of water from a cup).  With a nod in the sink’s direction my guest followed suit.  The waitress helped him to beef stew with green beans, green chop and rice and an orange soda.

I asked his name which he wrote in my note book:  Kellvin Lega.  He lives not too far away from town centre where we were.  He does not have tv at home but he has a radio.  He does not go to school and  he cannot read.

He ate slowly and to my surprise could not quite complete his meal.  He left some of the beans to the side as many a twelve year old might.

Before leaving he tried to re-thread his broken flip flops which he was wearing with socks.  I said I was going home and I asked if he was too.  No.  Where then?   Back to the street. We parted with a smile and a wave from me and a slight nod from Kellvin.

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3 Responses to Milk and Honey

  1. Ted and Bob says:

    In North America we take so much for granted and WASTE so many things that the rest of the world treasure and re-use over and over again. Tony’s trip is an eye opener for all of us to “realize what we take for granted” and CHANGE our ways.

    • William Anthony Dawson says:

      I have been working on the blog for hours now and see your comment. It is welcome Bob and it is welcome Ted. Many thanks.

      I received your photos of Franklin and also thank you. He has but on girth but then haven’t we all!!!

      love Tony

  2. Susan says:

    You subversive, you, despite the positive sign in the photo. You are getting a real eyeful in many ways. I love both your personal and work stories. Thanks for that.

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