Coming through the Slaughter

Let’s do something nice. I’ve had a hellofaday. Been abused. By bureaucracy. Mired in reasons not to get on with the top priority. No wonder I worked for myself. It seemed the entire office rained down on me. In the orchard I never found filling in boxes in spreadsheets or incessant mobile phone calls about what? meetings? quarterly reports? actually paid the bills. (They are there to assist, not dictate). Quality apples once they were in the bin did. Same here if I understand: If these small producers don’t deliver on their contracts to sell 60 MT of quality maize to the Food Programme warehouse here in Arusha as soon after harvest as possible then, remember that Technical Review Panel? Will they opt to pull this pilot project? Recall the Food Programme needs to source grain for the hungry and IT DOESN’T REALLY CARE WHERE IT COMES FROM but this little wing, off shoot of THE PROGRAMME does, or is supposed to. Supposed to help small farmers work together to aggregate their product and to market for more money than they are not getting from independent traders who pull up at the farm gate and buy low immediately after harvest when producers are desperate. So where are we? Heading for some light heartedness (soon, let me vent). I think my fellow office workers are far removed from the farmers which is understandable as 90% of the population or more lives as Isack and the goal is to get as far away as possible and NEVER GO BACK. So this made for a bit of a conflict as I, charged with organizing this next trip to work directly with farmers to monitor quality and maize delivery to the warehouses, bump up against people who fill in the spread sheets and hang on their mobiles and maybe want to be the ones to go on the next field trip whether they are best suited for the job or not – no matter, the per diem is huge.

I’ll be ok. It’s Friday and I escaped. Fridays are 1/2 days. I’ll be back Monday to fill in another Travel Authorization and email it off to all the department heads and the heads of offices etc in hopes that in spite of the politics, personalities, money, hierarchy, prestige, status… we’ll get out to the field to work. Farmers need assistance with paper work, grading… it’s not something I really need know about. I’m taking along those who do. I think this is my job.

So. I’ll take a break. I’ve been keeping track of sayings I read off the backs of buses and other such and the like and they make me smile, laugh even. It’s time to pull out my notebooks.

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6 Responses to Coming through the Slaughter

  1. loumdel says:

    LOVE The artwork,now you understand the term TGIF….big hug!

    • William Anthony Dawson says:

      Yes! I had a taste of all this – taste?! mouth full when working for the the co-op, in fact, because of that miserable experience I understand better how offices work or don’t and how to move around a bit better. The co-op was my training ground. I wept yesterday with frustration and, yes, sadness. I’ve a thin skin and was told I am naive which I am but it has brought me all this way…

      Minou x 2 Thank you very much. $ +++

      Speaking of which, maybe I can add my minou to that recent blog in the spirit of light heartedness.

      Good Saturday morning to you – it’s about 5:15 am here and I’ve classical on the net and a cup of coffee. Think I’ll go for a Long Walk this day. xx Big T

      • loumdel says:

        ahhhhh….pretty pooodeecat! I also understand the taste – hence the blissful year off! Off to hang out at the lake demain in the sunshine with a book, Minou hanging in her hammock! Enjoy the walk and fill your spirit with simple pleasures. L&M

  2. Susan says:

    Hang in there, Tony….for the farmers who will benefit by your being there for the next 6 mos. A short time in the scheme of things.

  3. Barb Q says:

    Hi Tony…….Robert and Barb. Interesting e-mail. sense your frustration and admire your courage to be Tony and a life giving person. Amazing you are. When are you coming home to the valley? You are missed. I, Barb, am on a Dragon Boat team in Penticton. Loving it. Won our race at Harrison Lake against 47 boats…Gold Metalists !!! Won our race in Vernon last Sat and received Red Ribbons. One more race Sept 8th and the season will be over. I am planning on paddling again next year…God willing. Barb and Geoff Evans dropped by for a visit on Wed. They are great. Robert is still trapping starlings and all is well with us. Hugs Tony Barb and Robert

  4. wadawson says:

    Barb! Robt! What!anhonour… it is you Barb who are amazing, pure Gold. And as for Robt well, he is a hero of mine, much admired.
    Delights me that you refer to the blog; I appreciate this.
    When home? I have five more months on my contract (and yes, sometimes I am counting down, such are certain realities). I’d like to think I’ll explore a bit after but really I content myself with trying to get a job done; this is what I must concentrate on. Let’s see if we can deliver on this maize contract and see the Arusha warehouse full of small-holder grain…

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