Next Project…

Dear Francis, I am writing this from home on a Saturday morning –
before I forget what is on my mind. We are encouraged to go back into
the field by Dominique. He too sees the value in following up our
recent trip. Frida and you need to go back when the farmers are
grading and bagging. We discussed this. Will you try to ascertain when
this will be for each SACCOS so we can plan ahead? It takes time to
organize. Will it be possible to cover all 8 SACCOS in two trips? –
August and September. If we are going to really help we have to be in
the field on time. Will you please find out the actual harvest dates
as soon as possible? I know you have other work to do as well which is
why we need to start right away.


Tony Dawson

Francis (L) is a technician with the General Surveillance Society, a Swiss company contracted to monitor warehouse sanitation and quality of the stored grains.

Frida, (holding paper) is the Store-keeper at the World Food Programme warehouse in Arusha.  As a child she fondly recalls the halloweens and winters spent in Ottawa while her father was stationed there with the Tanzanian diplomatic corps. Very sharp.

Dominque, from France, is the Director of the Purchase for Progress progamme under which I serve. He is based in Dar es Salaam. He has recently returned from a conference with the Gates Foundation in Redmond (?), Washington. While there, he took a bus to Vancouver to have a look at where I come from…

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