Fire Prevention Work-shop

One Day Fire Prevention Work-Shop – August, 2012

Mr. Sumwa, the Arusha Fire Marshall will conduct a full day, hands-on fire prevention work -shop either at the firehall here in Arusha or farther afield. *

A majority request is to schedule this during August. The difficulties in communicating with farmers require a timely decision in order to mail out an Agenda with Instructions in Kiswahili well ahead of the day’s event which should be held during the last week of this month.

Proposed Budget for Arusha Work-shop:    [1.00$ = ~1600/= shillings].

60,000/= per Diem for Mr.Sumwa

240,000/= fee for 24 participants [10,000/= fee/participant x3 /Saccos x 8 Saccos]

960,000/= flat fee for travel, food, accommodation for 24 participants [40,000/= per participant]

20,000/= fuel [diesel, gas] + incidentals

70,000/= CO2 refilling charge [35,000/= each CO2 fire extinguisher on loan from Arusha Fire Dept.]

30,000/= Dry Fill refilling charge [possible expense if one dry filled is loaned by Arusha Fire Dept.]

Sub-Total: 1,380000/=*

Request: approximately 1,500,000/=       [~$935.00]

The Saccos have all been sounded as to their interest in this proposal and all have said they would like this training. Growers were cautioned that not all their expenses would necessarily be covered and they still agreed to participate

Each Saccos must bring their fire extinguisher(s) with them as they will practice on these. Their extinguishers are out of date but if they still retain a charge, Mr. Sumwa says they should be adequate for training purposes. If not, then a dry fill extinguisher will have to be loaned by the Arusha Fire Dept. There would be a recharging fee of 30,000/= on this loan. Dry Fill extinguishers once triggered cannot be shut off which is why the CO2 extinguishers will need to be rented for this demonstration. The Saccos only have Dry Fill extinguishers and these should be left behind at the end of the day to be serviced and recharged by the Arusha Fire Dept. The 30,000/= expense and the responsibility for picking them up will be the Saccos’.  This is a bi-annual obligation if the farmers’ offices and warehouses are to have certified, functioning fire extinguishers.

A beautifully refurbished warehouse courtesy of The World Food Programme.


A fire extinguisher that has never been out of its bag.

*If the workshop were to be held in Babati for instance, Mr. Sumwa requires a transportation, accommodation and meal stipend. Approximately 55,000/= .

Note: Not one Saccos has recharged their out of date fire extinguishers yet this was pointed out to them as far back as last March. None, to date have sought to learn to operate a fire extinguisher but all say they understand the need to be trained.

WA Dawson August 2nd, 2012

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