Field Report

FIELD REPORT: Temporary Grain Warehouse – Kwares Farmers’ Group 

Date: July 9th -12th, 2012


Celestine Coelho, Senior Logistic Assistant, UN World Food Programme, Isaka

WA Dawson, Field Monitor, Arusha

Majid Mohamed, Driver, UN World Food Programme, Arusha

Purpose: To erect a Temporary Warehouse (WiikHaul) with Kwares Farmers

Activities and Observations:

From Arusha we drove an hour and a half on Monday afternoon to the small town of Boma Ng’Ombe  where Kwares  farmers have their base. We reached Kwares  before even the tent had arrived or the site had been levelled, yet two days later, the Temporary ‘Godown’ was up and ready to receive its first harvest. This was the result of the expertise and efficiency of Celestine Coelho and the work of the locally hired crew.

The start was somewhat rocky for the unprepared site and as the crew refused to work for the customary salary; both arrangements were to have been established prior to our arrival.  However by day’s end the tent had been offloaded and the foundation laid in preparation for the following morning’s early start.  Launching such a structure is a methodical, systematic process requiring patience and great dexterity; 16 men had to work as a team, and very carefully to avoid injury.  Majid and his jeep assisted through the raising and stabilizing of the steel frames until they were fully secured.  Celestine’s work was detailed such that, as we pulled away at noon on day three, even the smallest of pinholes had been patched. The tent is sound.

As this is a long lasting though temporary structure, Celestine encouraged Kwares Farmers to continue with their plan to build a  permanent warehouse for themselves, and from Kwares he also received assurance that, in spite of the loss of crop from drought, this Temporary ‘Godown’ will be filled to its 400 MT capacity with Hai District maize this season.

[The 16 men were each paid 8,000 /= shillings or ~5.00$ per day.  On day 2 Celestine thought to provide black tea with sugar and loaves of plain white bread on break.  Many men wore rubber thongs (on their feet!) which they would take off when clambering around on the tent as it arose.
I received ~85.00$ per day to cover expenses (motel, food) while on “mission” to ‘assist’ with the erection of the Temporary Warehouse.]

July 19th,2012

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2 Responses to Field Report

  1. Susan says:

    How serious is the drought there?

  2. Roneen says:

    A very practical solution to a local need. Hope the permanent warehouse comes to pass. It must have been very cool at the end of the day to see the temporary structure up and ready to go. Thinking of you. Roneen

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