The same two fields this April

So, the farmers are pretty good farmers, eh?
They have a refurbished warehouse courtesy of “Partners” for Progress and now aggregate their crops.  They have also received tools to weigh, package, and monitor for moisture content.  They would like further training in warehouse and small business management and marketing but their number one request is for help to increase their production.  A non-government organisation, Faida MaLi has contracted or partnered with Purchase for Progress to provide this training over the next two years of this five year pilot project. Whether the project continues or not depends on the farmers and the conclusions of this Technical Review Panel.
What the Review Panel saw on their field visit.

The Barley will be harvested by combine. The Village has recently acquired a new Massey tractor with assistance from the govt.; it will be operating night and day once harvest is underway.

Same Grower, same Field
The beans have been harvested; the corn awaits July
[A guard lives in the field in to keep an elephant away! ]

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One Response to The same two fields this April

  1. loumdel says:

    Those nasty elephants! Talk about farm pests – yikes!

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