Now this makes a difference…

A last class photo with the capable Julia from Australia. She is teaching at a large girl’s boarding school though she is, by profession, a speech therapist. Only the brightest of the poor get to go to St. Jude’s which was started by an Australian and manages on donor money.  Now this makes a difference to the lives of these young women who otherwise would not be going to school, or at least not to one of this caliber.

(Julia has a car – very right hand drive as in Australia and Tanzania. She negotiated the many pot holes between the classroom and my room where she would always kindly drop me after dark. Many thanks.)


The lady on the right came by to observe our class, not for the Swahili, she does not speak it. She is studying French.

Similar to St. Judes but on a smaller scale and negligible budget is the Canadian Harambee* Education Society which also sponsors girls from the countryside who board and study courtesy of Canadian donors.  Now this makes a difference. 
I just discovered that one of the Harambee schools is in Katesh, a small town I’ve stayed in in the field.  I will try to visit this school.   (The two girls I sponsor are at the Kenyan Harambee schools and quite far from here.)

*I’m reading “UNBOWED” One Woman’s Story, the autobiography of Wangari Maathai. ‘In 2004, she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, in recognition of her campaigns for democracy and environmental reform…’     She offers this  definition of ‘Harambee’: Let us all work together.


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