There are monkeys here in this busy thoroughfare, just across the roundabout.  Arusha is quite green though full of traffic too.  I’m home bound after dark so I’ve taken to
a last  sunny walk in this pleasant area, and this evening I discovered more than the five monkeys of my last count.  Monkeys were coming out of the trees.  A fruit vendor at the corner of this quiet side street and the main thoroughfare to town centre told me, through words and mime, that these critters head to bed at dusk but come for bananas and leftover fruit beforehand.  She threw a couple of small, sweet bananas up and the monkeys caught them.  She gave me one and a larger male reached down and took it from my hand.   I’m a toourist.  Down the street a short hop, up in the trees another big male was anxiously calling and peering towards the fruit vendors. Worried about the traffic maybe.  It was certainly not a sound my imagination might have connected with a monkey.

Watching two young ones groom each other was a delight; I was grinning.  If you think I’m serious, you should see wee monkeys grooming!  They are conscientious, industrious,  systematic; their little hands combing up under the chin, under the tail, everywhere.  Looks as they nibble whatever their big eyes locate. The one being groomed will lay its head down to rest on a branch, eyes closed, but not closed for long. There’s a lot to worry about in this big world.

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