It is Friday …

It is Friday…
It is Friday and a half day of work here in the ‘office’. (‘Office’ sounds somewhat pretentious to me having spent my days outside in the orchard.) The head of logistics is just back from a month of extra duty overseeing vast shipments of maize to Southern Sudan. Rumour has it that, as he gets paid quite a bit extra while being away from home here in Arusha, he is going to treat the staff  to a meal after work. From my trying to read the Saturday edition of the Guardian I know there is turmoil in Sudan such that it seems so important, this recent month’s work of Frederick, the logistician.
Yesterday I helped out in the warehouse doing a count of the stockpiles of corn. There were three long semi’s being unloaded, all by hand, that is, on the backs of young Tanzanian men, hour after hour. No forklifts in this enterprise and just as well as there isn’t much work available. All this maize is going to the World Food  School Feeding programme. I mention this as it helps me keep a  healthy perspective on the realities here.
Tanzanians are more than capable of managing their affairs and I am told what I bring is ‘witness’ and ‘added value’.

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