This Sunday Morning

I’m back from a short bike ride of a Sunday morning, before some
more rain.  I wear a ‘shuka’ or wrap in my room, enough to ward
off a mild chill.  It is nearing the end of the rainy season I’m told.
I rather like the weather.  Sometimes fall or spring-like.  My ride was
short but better than last Sunday when I didn’t leave my room at all.
The roads are lethal – there was a dead dog, a motorcycle horizontal
and a car in a tree all on my short trip.  I took to back streets with the comforts of Westmount-Outremont.  Tranquility costs.

I just finished a blitz of a trilogy written in French.  Tremendous but
totally depressing. (Agota Kristof)   I shouldn’t do this for I am as
fragile as ever but it was interesting and I understood and my reading
flowed.   Kiswahili on the other hand doesn’t.   I made popcorn last night and took it down to share with the two watchmen, Bashiri and Shabani.  I was hoping for some baby Kiswahili talk but ended with them discussing the universe and the bible, at
least I think this was the case!   Nice interlude though, sitting in the
dark eating popcorn…

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One Response to This Sunday Morning

  1. Pamela says:

    Ah yes… you know you’ve been in Africa awhile when you start talking food! And looking forward to simple things like cheese, coffee (are they tea or coffe drinkers?), and of course chocolate! Maybe even peanut butter is on the list unless you have enough peanut in your diet? Don’t deprive yourself of the sweet things!

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