TanzanIA (pronunced the TanzanIAN way)

I’m writing this blog on my own, but between my visitor and work and lessons I’ve not been alone enough to write as I think.
I’m off this morning with a WFP food technologist to visit some grower
warehouses so I don’t have this day to myself.  I need lots of slow, quiet to do this and
it’s not been quite available. Please understand that I am doing all right here;  not everybody is.  I am trying to appreciate this opportunity.   I prefer Canada by far, if
you are asking me after 3 months here.  Just look around you.

I’ll try these questions:

            How does your average day go, or do you have an average day?

            So tell me….what do you think of your first 2 or 3 mos on the job?  What is good and what is not so good?

If you were there as a tourist/traveler what would you think of the country?
Have you thought of what you are going to do at the end of the year in Afrika?

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