Education, open doors, emigration?

I joined the library. There are some seriously quiet library goers here and I’d guess they’re mostly students.  Students need to be serious because of the steep competition to get an education and to find employment afterwards.  Education opens doors.

The Arusha Library

The quiet in the library is reason enough to join. It is just off the busy thoroughfare, and Arusha is a busy place Saturday mornings.   While I was wandering in the central market I received a phone call from Abdi, the young Day Watchman at the ‘Pink Hotel’ and I simply could not hear him. I called him back when I located a quieter spot.

We met to buy a bicycle together. Not only did I enjoy his company, but I had the opportunity to listen to his bargaining skills in Kiswahili. He works 12 hour shifts, 6 days a week and can’t afford a bicycle. His walk to work is 25 minutes along a busy road and mine is 15 through a park.  The idea is, he uses the bike during the week and I get to try exploring a bit further afield on the weekend – two winners!

We had a soda and a meal together while considering the bicycles for sale in the market but we didn’t fare very well – the café owner and his friend wanted to TALK. The former is Pakistani-Tanzanian and the latter, Pakistani-Canadian. The Canadian said if people want to emigrate to Canada they need $10,000, a couple of sponsors and a profession that isn’t truck driving – or apply as a refugee.  I am afraid Abdi and his young family are out of luck – the door isn’t open.

. . . . back full circle to the library and opportunities:  Study hard, work hard, more options.

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