Is it Hot? Cold? Warm?

The two night watchman, Bashiri Hussein and Shabani Hamissi, share the delightful friendliness of Abdi, the day watcher.  They all dress in jackets to my shirt sleeves in the early evening.  I, who find the weather here to be perfect for summer, wondered  how these men would fare in Canada.  But I know.  Back when I talked with a transplanted African driving taxi in Yellowknife, he homed in on the great fishing, letting the harsher aspects of our northern life slip by.  Live with what you can’t change.  Bashiri and Shabani do.  Guarding my safety is their job, and they do so all night long, through cold and mosquitoes.  It is a job – there aren’t many.

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4 Responses to Is it Hot? Cold? Warm?

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    Maisie, I’m leaving a comment here for you to follow. At the bottom of each post there is a “Leave a Comment” underlined. Click on this and you end up here in this “Leave a Reply” box. It’s empty until you click in side and begin to write.
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    Maisie, it works. Your turn. Pleased you are reading the blog. Yours, Tony

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