Adventures . . .

Mount Meru

“I took some pictures on my bike ride on Sunday.  However, I learned I must ask first!  I was taking what I thought was a long, impersonal shot of a line of shops but a shop keeper got quite irate. Fortunately I had not actually taken any photos. Think of taking a shot of main street Cawston with the focus being the Cawston store and having the owner come out of the store to shout at you. I was a bit surprised but it happened once before in Dar when I went to take a photo of a generator store.

“The nursery shop owner stays all day tending to and selling his plants and flowers perched on the roadside.  He was as neat as a pin, friendly and helpful with my Kis-stutter.  I asked if I could come and take a photo.  I also have in mind to put a few plants on my balcony (I’m now in “Toshi’s room”) which has more light than my previous room one floor below.  The balcony looks over the inner court yard – the one with lively laundry.

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One Response to Adventures . . .

  1. loumdel says:

    Easier said than done if I recall…Many years ago while on safari in Kenja our Dane travelmate was using his long lensed camera as binoculars in the savahana when a morani cattle herder thought he was having his picture taken – before we knew it – he was being held at spearpoint! The cattle herder wanted to take the Dane back to the tribal chief – luckily our driver spoke the dialect and we were able to negotiate our release – lesson learned! Back then: photos were seen as capturing one’s soul – remember we were in the middle of nowhere with no tourists anywhere way back when! Going for a walk – always an adventure!

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