Arusha . . . and environs and no guests!

Arusha is a lovely place and I’ve been out far afield through gorgeous landscape and lush farmland that, in great part, is farmed by hand – I saw people planting corn this way . . .  although I have seen five or six tractors and some delicate bullocks pulling ploughs on the land.

I’m lodged in a residential hotel.  One room with amenities is most satisfactory but no guest room. The owner intimated she would make some arrangement to house visitors in another room and eventually I’ll explore this offer.  I much prefer Arusha to the big city of Dar – easier to get around.  I am 15 minutes from the town centre and 15 minutes from work.  Ideal.   I am still eating rice and beans and chopped spinach (although sometimes it’s beans and rice and chopped spinach). The meal remained the same at the Amabilis Centre precisely because this is, coupled with chicken and beef (and beef and chicken), what most Tanzanians eat daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.

Immediately off the comfortable thoroughfares of this tourist town, most residents appear to still get water from a pump and wash clothes in wee streams.  I doubt there is much electricity or showers for most.  How do these fine folk do it?  –  appear on the streets looking dapper in laundered and pressed clothes!

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4 Responses to Arusha . . . and environs and no guests!

  1. says:

    Happy Easter Ton. We are enjoying every bit of the adventure along with you. Such an eye opener and a wonderful experience to have. Keep being safe and bring home lots of memories. Very different from our Easter’s growing up and our excitement of bringing home a palm leaf on Easter Sunday. Bet the bunny didn’t leave you a basket this year.
    Love Di

    • wadawson says:

      No bunny eggs DI but a lovely visit with fellow volunteers from Ottawa. Good dinners cooked in my room and mixed with the odd gin and tonic, conversation on the complextites of overseas ‘development’. We had a nice walk together on the hillside near my residence too.
      Received an email from your friend from long ago Toronto days. Very supportive. Necessary. Your’r too. Many thanks. xxAnt

  2. Linda Edwards says:

    Hi Tony ! I saw Dave yesterday and got caught up on what you were doing. It sounds as if you are making a positive difference and even enjoying it. Your diet sounds a little unimaginative but not all that bad. It reminds me of my early vegetarian days.
    We had our Easter feast and egg hunt this past weekend. Gwen, John and Keir, Marnie, Tristan and the boys, two friends from Naramata and Laurie and her three year old god daughter were here. Simon fakes believing in the Easter bunny but Jasmine and Eliott are true believers. We ate one of last year’s turkeys while next year’s are two weeks old out in the garage. We are all enough farmers – including the kids – to have no problem making the transition from “aren’t they cute !” to ” this meat is so good.

    The zinc sprays are going on and after today – our first really warm day – the apricots should be blooming by the end of the week.
    All is well. We still miss you though ! Take good care of yourself. Love and best wishes ! Linda

    • wadawson says:

      First there were Tristan and Sarah hunting eggs at Margaret and Tuke’s and then came Ian and Gavin and Keir and now Simon and Elliot hunting bunny eggs at Granny Linda and Grumpy Brian’s! Wonderful. Happy Spring.

      Don’t think I’ve contributed much to date here but eventually I trust. xxxT

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