Travels through the Flowers

I’m a tourist. On my morning walk I took photos of a flowering cactus and flowering trees and shrubs. I think of E.D. and Nita and Delores and Ray. I walk up a treed street that provides welcome shade and is lined with nurseries with many many plants for sale. The plants are left unattended at night as far as I can tell.  I will move to Toshi’s room which is one floor up and has much more light as the window doesn’t face an immediate wall. There is a little balcony and I’m thinking to put a few plants there.

While out walking I stopped for tea and a bun and to study and then wound my way up a new road that felt right.  It was lined with little stores, a tiny market garden, a small brick making business, hair dresser shops and tiny eateries and a furniture manufacturer and lumber yard – all small scale and tidy. Feeling at ease, I kept on with my journey and even purchased an avocado and then a cucumber. Many people look as if they are on their way to church.  On my way home I rested under one of the lovely trees and ate half the avocado. This is part of my Sunday.

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6 Responses to Travels through the Flowers

  1. Russel Virginia says:

    Really enjoyed “walking with you” & seeing all the beautiful flowering shrubs/trees/plants!!!!!Your Dad always enjoyed gladioli in their many colours!!!!! Dave is in the east at Donald & Nancy’s & we are planning to spend Tuesday afternoon & evening with them, working in the sugar bush – the sap in flowing again & is very clear!!! We’ll sleep there overnight to avoid another 3:30 AM drive & leave early the next morning in time for my Wednesday tennis matches. B&I are very busy here on the farm putting the siding on the new extension, thinning the raspberry canes, raking the leaves off the strawberries – spring is on it’s way & so we are outside most of the day. Easter next weekend with family coming to stay – we will have a rest from our chores & I’ll be pumping out meals!
    Nice to see that Scott & Nancy paid you a visit – I guess Dave is soon?????
    Really looking forward to our time in Cantley!!!!

  2. Karen says:

    Those flowers are amazing!
    Now, I must head off to work, yes still the same job. This week another interview for a position in Penticton.
    Keep well my friend. My friends are going to Tanzania in July and I will try and send a care package!

  3. wadawson says:

    Karen, thank you. Nice to be thinking of you there in Keremeos and to be thought of occasionally from Keremeos. xT

  4. Ted and Bob says:

    Great to see you doing so well Tony and read your wonderful Blog. Spring is finally arriving in the Okanagan and soon the blossoms will be out again after a long winter.

    Miss you but know your happy with your new adventure. Hugs from all,
    TED and Bob

  5. e parker says:

    dear tony you sure seem to be living it up your new place looks grand lost echo today at mail box marina louw found her i was a basket case hope to hear from you soon love ed echo

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