Kiswahili vs English – Success and Accents

I’m not sure if Tony is having trouble with Kiswahili or English.  Here’s what he says: “I will be meeting with farmers as I did last week.  I need an interpreter.  Also, the Tanzanian English accent is often difficult for me to follow.  I just got off the phone having had a really difficult time understanding the speaker.  The person turned out to be the wonderful and helpful logistician who works in this office – Frederick – and I asked him how to spell his name on the phone!!  Geez,  poor guy.”

Tony, do you think he has a hard time understanding your accent?  Working here (Fort McMurray) with Luis from Colombia, he says he has an impossible time understanding the Newfies we are working with . . . . he’s not the only one!

But Tony does describe his growing skills:  “One neat occurrence:  I sat in a field for a weary while and a man with a bicycle went past and I caught the word ‘pumzika’ – I actually caught it!   He was mentioning that I was resting.  I was able to reply in Kis that, ‘Yes, I needed to rest.’  This is the first time this has happened. He also wanted some money to fix the flat on his bike and old white and weary guys are a good mark!”

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