Hotel in Arusha . . . .

The really cool thing about the hotel that Tony is staying in – aside from it being pink! – is that they have in-house laundry!  Take a look at the photos below!

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4 Responses to Hotel in Arusha . . . .

  1. Tony says:

    Yes, it’s called DO IT YOURSELF laundry.

    • wadawson says:

      I have discovered there is a laundry service offered at the “Pink Hotel” but, as you see from the pictures, many do as I do, hand wash a few items each evening in the bathroom sink. I’m considering this service though, from time to time it could be handy.

  2. loumdel says:

    I would suggest getting the Pink Hotel laundry service for the sheets – can you image doing them in the sink after a long day in the field – NOT! Word from the wise: always hang your best stuff: IN the hotel room!!!

    • William Anthony Dawson says:

      Hay Louise, the sheets are not my ‘responsibility’, just my personal items. I’m now on the second floor with a balcony so I can hang my clothes up out of reach. Not been a problem so far. Also, on the second floor I can get the internet without sitting outside my room. Less cement one floor up. Great view – of the laundry in the courtyard. Much more light up here. How goes the job search, let me know. xxT

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