The Exam

Tony was prepared – did we doubt it? To prove this he said, “I actually woke with Kiswahili sentences forming in my mind which spurred me on to try some very elementary sentences . . . [when] each of us gave a wee talk about our trip to town yesterday.”

The real challenge was the scavenger hunt.  They had to visit various stores in town.  Tony writes, “I was paired by draw with Jane, from Ottawa, here to work with her husband Dan on an AIDS project in Dar. We had to follow instructions on a card that was written only in Kis… making our way from one store to another, introducing ourselves and finding out about the store and its owner.”  When they found out the information, the owner would give them the next clue.  They managed 5 out of 10 shops but you know how Tony gets when he’s shopping . . . . he just can’t tear himself away if there are trinkets to be purchased.  His excuse was that we must “. . . remember we are the Kobe or Tortoise group.”  So Tony never did find out what the “treasure” was at the end of the day.  I think that is why he has that quirky smile in the beer photo – trying to drown his anguish!

Or he could simply be celebrating his graduation (summa cum laude) from the language class!

The group is now dispersing to places far and near.  I think this beer thing is getting out-of-hand because every second word I read is, “We are going to have a beer this evening at a very cheap bar around the corner from the hotel and then to a tiny outdoor eatery to sample, once again, their hummus which we delight in.”  The “we” being Jane and Dan and “and the ever so sweet Dragana . . . [who] is a radiologist and will be off before dawn tomorrow to get a plane to the southeast of Tanzania to work and teach at a hospital.  She is such a delight; refreshing and experienced.  She’s worked in Sudan.”  All these sweet and mighty women – I think Tony has a fixation.  Fortunately on his limited stipend of $7/day he cannot do too much entertaining or too much beer drinking.

Tony wishes he had listened to Edie (E.D.), that fountain of youth and with techno-ability, who would have willingly explained the use of a cell phone to him if he’d only taken the time to listen.  However, my experience is that Tony thinks a phone is a one way conversation – FROM him.  I’m not sure if he knows there is an “ear phone” on those microphones he uses . . . .

Tony does read though, and he thanks everyone for their comments and emails and looks forward to more!  He may not always be able to answer each and every one but they sure make his day.   Thank you!

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2 Responses to The Exam

  1. bobparkhurst says:

    Congratulations on graduation Tony! With your love of language(s) you’ll probably be fluent in a year. The quality of your blog is excellent. I had no idea what a talented writer David is! Thank you for framing Tony’s insightful quotes/comments + adding the “Tonyisms” which bring a smile to my face + thank you for sharing this with us – I know it is also a bit of “work” to do this – so thank you to both of you gentlemen.

  2. says:

    Hay Bob! And here I was going to chastise David for putting ‘flippant quips’ and too much of himself and me into the blog! xxT

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